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evidence of knitting life

Well, it would seem that there has been no knitting at Chez String Theory, but it isn’t true. There’s been some meager sock progress to be documented another day, and there’s been some freeform activity. This purse will be mostly … Continue reading

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This is my most recently finished sock, Sockina by Fortissima (I think), purchased at Cozy in Durham. It’s 60% cotton, and 40% various acrylics. I used a size *0* needle because I tend to knit a bit loosely, and it’s … Continue reading

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stuart the sock creature

This is Stuart, possibly the most popular sock creature ever. He has lots of friends that like to make custom clothing and accessories just for him. Notice, for example, that he’s wearing pantalones that have a dashing flared leg. His … Continue reading

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Look at these lovely hooks! They’re plastic and sparkly with glitter! I’ve long admired Agent Gray’s set, and she was thoughtful enough to pick up a set for me at the Hobby Lobby in Shelby. I need to make another … Continue reading

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rooster bag

Why is this a rooster bag? Well, it’s because of the rooster feather. E and I walk around the neighborhood a few days a week, and we usually hear the rooster call. He’s not a pet, he lives wild in … Continue reading

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