Tunisian crochet

Yet another Craftsy.com class–Tunisian Crochet with Jennifer Hansen.  What a great class!  Nice projects, good patterns, and a stitch dictionary for future use in your own projects.  This a fun technique that has so much variation.  The first project is a spa cloth.  It teaches the basic stitches.


Then the fun part, a “Multi Garment” that is two large panels of crochet.  The pattern calls for making the 2 panels and attaching them with ties to wear in 8 different ways.  Or, you can make just one panel and wear it 4 different ways.  Or, you can decide after one repeat of the stitch pattern that you’d really just like to wear it as a scarf and move on. I love the pattern and I loved doing this project, but I know I will wear this more as a scarf, so I finished it and added knitted fringe.

The pattern calls for 4 solid colors of a dk silk.  After much comtemplation, I turned to my stash and chose 4 slighty variegated colors of super soft wools.  One of these days I’ll try the silk, but for now, I have too much yarn to buy something so luxurious and expensive.  Besides, I really like the finished product.  I’d like to design something using Tunisian crochet techniques and teach a class.




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5 Responses to Tunisian crochet

  1. Lovely color combinations with that wool!

  2. Joanne Murray says:

    Oh my, this scarf is to die for! The colors! The free stitching!

  3. Linda Craig says:

    Beautiful work & colors. Thank you for the review of the Craftsy class too

  4. Hazel says:

    I also have this Craftsy class and I am in the same position regarding yarn. Can you tell me the weight of your scarf please? I love the chunkier finish.

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