tiny cuteness

I made another modular baby sweater for Cozy.  We sell the pattern for it (it’s my own design) and our sample sold at the beginning of the summer.  The pattern is really fun, if I do say so myself, and it is for sale.  Anyone interested should send me a message/comment.

Yarns are Cascade 220 (the solid minty green) and Cascade 220 Paints (the yellowy multi-color).   Very nice to work with.

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This summer I finally took advantage of the Craftsy.com class I bought at the beginning of the year.  It’s Myra Wood’s Perfect Fit sweater class.  I’ve taken classes with Myra before at Stitches South in Atlanta, so I knew I would like this class.  On top of that, I found that the Craftsy format is really easy to work with.  The class lessons are easy to navigate and it a huge plus that you can watch any part of the class as many times as you like.  Sometimes I need to hear it 3 or 4 times to really make a new idea stick.  With all the possibilities for variation in the sweater class, I am also glad that I can access the class that I purchased forever.  There is no expiration, so I can return to this class again and again.

I followed the class and the pattern closely for this first project, but I feel comfortable trying out variations in my next version of the top down raglan sweater.  There are many possibilities to consider.  This first sweater, though, is simple.  I used Tahki’s Cotton Classic Color and the lace pattern is the one Myra shows in the class.  I don’t think it had a particular name.

I’ve already started another top down cardigan.  This one is from Shaefer’s Amanda, a variegated wool.  Nothing fancy design-wise, just letting the colors provide interest.  I’ll probably finish it after the weather gets colder.  I need an incentive!

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Finito Freeform Cowl

Malabrigo produces its Finito yarn once a year.  It’s super soft (some people compare it to the feel of cashmere) and the colors are delicious.  I bought one hank of the Jupiter colorway to make a cowl.

I started with little circles, then decided to do medium and larger circles as well.


Using a muslin template that I cut out, I arranged the circles the way I wanted them and pinned them to the template.


Then I joined the circles by working lacey mesh crochet stitches until all the spaces between the circles were filled in.  Finally, I put a simple single crochet border around the edges.




I’m sure this cowl will not stand up very well when worn because it’s so open and drapey, but it’s going to feel so good!  Not today, however.  When the weather gets back under 95 degrees, I’ll consider trying it on.  Until then, I’ll just pick it up and admire it.

This was my first project worked on a muslin template, but it won’t be the last.  Very efficient way to deal with a freeform project!

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koigu purse details


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Koigu purse cover

Koigu purse cover

And the purse is finished! I’ve worn it out in the world two times now and I love it!

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Koigu colorfest!

Slowly but surely the Koigu purse chugs along.  Maybe next week it can make its debut in the world?

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a new toy

This weekend I went to the Carolina Fiber Fest with Emily and got into a bit of trouble. Though I’m not a weaver, I’ve been attracted to small looms for a while. I have an assortment of them, mostly small and cheap. One vendor at the Fest had some lovely looms of many sizes meant to be used with the continuous strand technique. This method of weaving is different because it does not require the weaver to set up the loom with warp threads before weaving. The yarn is set up with warp and weft as you go. Sounds confusing, but it is really easy to understand if you see it demonstrated.

While I did not go for the large looms that require an easel, I did surrender to the set of mini travel looms: a triangle and a square. After experimenting last night with each of them, I can see that I will probably want to get a bigger rectangle loom (20 or 30 inch, haven’t decided) somewhere along the way. The small ones are really small! But the pieces made from them will work well in freeform projects or modular projects.

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