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hex spirals

In a comment in the last post, Devil Kitty says that she likes the way the spirals look like hexagons on the edges, but are more round in the middle. Me too! And not to get too scientific, but in … Continue reading

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spirals are fun!

Making the spirals has been fun, but putting the surface crochet on and sewing them together has been even better. I wasn’t sure if I’d need to come up with a way to fill in between the spirals, but they … Continue reading

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spirals and monkeys

Making pillows made up primarily of crochet spirals is turning out to be a great zone-out project. These little guys are fun and easy to make, and right now they require no thought. When I have a bunch of them, … Continue reading

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Yes, I’ve decided to go ahead and embrace the word “scrumble.” Though it isn’t a particularly lovely word, it does seem to be the preferred name for freeform pieces. I’ve joined a freeform yahoo group, and everyone says scrumble. No … Continue reading

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